Hey friends, so you all must know the phrase, ” Teamwork makes the dream work?” I’m really feeling as if this is not only an important message for today, but one also for staying alive every day. Please, please, please follow instructions as we get through this pandemic.

I wear a mask all day at work, 7.5 hours, except for when I break for lunch and eat food. This is somewhat annoying, but I keep my masks clean and make sure they’re comfortable. While you’re thinking of healthcare workers wearing masks out of necessity for the work that they do on a regular basis, please remember that sometimes their mask wearing days go on much longer than a regular work day for regular people.

Hey, but my husband did a fine thing today! Yesterday he bought a turkey on sale (7 bucks!), during early morning not many people around shopping hours, and today he roasted it to perfection. This will feed us for many days, and we even gave a plate to our friend who cannot cook for intelligence reasons. Don’t worry, he won’t be reading this blog, and he can play guitar whereas I cannot. My husband and I will stay alive like the Pilgrims with our lessons of sharing and caring taught by the Native Americans. If this is not the story that you learned in grade school, maybe watch a holiday film.

So yes, these are perilous times, but we are human beings and we do have the intelligence to care for one another. Like for instance, stay apart. I know I did a couple of holiday feasts recently, but we did stay far apart from each other. Shoot, one day at a time. Every day let’s all try to stay well. God may have invented the Internet just so you can read up on this stuff. Be safe, friends, elbow to elbow.

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Cup of Tea

Had the yummiest taco dinner tonight, by way of my friends at my favorite Mexican restaurant, whom I’m determined to support during these COVID times, despite our more frequent cooking at home. How unusual it is that we are currently losing restaurants and coffee shops, the very backbone of our existence on Planet Earth. I pray things will get settled out soon, good venues will stay in business, and that we all might move forward with delicious dining in the company of friends!

My husband picked up our take-out while I finished the week’s laundry. I know, super exciting. I do so much enjoy taking it easy on Sundays, but still getting the work done, thanks to the labor-saving devices of a washer and dryer. Generally this is my day to also read books.

Before I begin my reading, there is also the simple pleasure of a cup of tea. I’m having organic ginger-lemon green tea, and wondering if it really is organic, but it is so yummy. I’m kind of a sucker for an “organic” label, but I do like to believe in the veracity of such claims. It’s all kind of crazy these days, but kindling a positive attitude may be what will deliver us from mayhem. I think we’re gonna make it, and we are all at least trying to help each other out, in most cases. C’mon y’all, let’s do!

So half-blind and thirsty optimism is what just might at least see me and my family through. Life has always been hard. I’m thankful for my online church service this morning, and for my husband, our dog and our cat. It is wonderful that there are so many of us promoting peace and love, like in the olden days, and doing our best to believe in the future. I believe in space-travel, environmental clean-up, small communities, vaccines, and organic tea. There is always music.

I’m thankful for all of you taking the time to read this, and I pray that you might find peace on this Sunday night. Wishing everyone a cup of tea, and the freedom to take it easy with a happy work week ahead, having minimal stress. That we all might enjoy the art of living!

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Because this blog is about “Staying healthy after all,” I just thought I’d share how I’ve been finding peace and good health recently. I hope this helps. It is an entirely obvious observation that most of you have probably already discovered, but this is how it struck me personally and allowed for a discovery of relief in my own disease process.

Always our physicians speak of “Inflammation” in our body systems causing ill health, and this is indeed a very important concept, but somewhat overwhelming for the layperson just trying to visit the doctor and not really undestanding what they’re talking about. Of course, our nutrients affect this condition, but also, I believe our mindset does, too, and this can be quite a problem at times of sickness.

Part of my brain inflammation of multiple sclerosis and a schizoaffective disorder has allowed me to witness how uncomfortably this all can work out. Most of my “schozoaffective” is the phenomenon of “thought broadcasting” in which I feel as if everything I’m thinking is completely audible to everyone else in my company or even on TV, and the struggle comes when my thoughts are unkind or imperfect or just altogether messed up. This condition can be incredibly exhausting, and makes for a very long work day with increasing stress as I realize what a horrible person I am for thinking all of these nasty thoughts or bad language for no reason.

This is where I feel “inflammation” plays into the matter, because my discomfort is magnified by plain old sensitivity and outwardly manifesting pain. Y’all there is so much awful in the world at times, and it does wear a person down, inflammatorily. I’ve observed relief only when I can maintain a sense of calm and hope, trust and faith. My meditation practice has been helping this, and I do feel as if it is caming down the explosively awful sense of discomfort that plays out in my brain with bad words and mean thoughts. Because I do not wittingly ascribe to these beliefs in my errant thoughts, I can finally observe that perhaps it is the disease process of “inflammation” and that I do get to picking at internal scabs sometimes.

Lord knows this is where my faith comes in, and I have to be careful of that as well. I have never heard voices, but sometimes my internal dialogue is one of nasty screaming and yelling at my own self, seemingly out of control. Well, it is out of control, because I do not willingly ask for these untoward thoughts. My observation for today is that when I’m doing badly and my illnesses are “flared up,” it gets worse, but my current medicine regime, exercise, and dietary kindness helps to calm this sick girl down. And what a relief it is!

Praise the Lord that peace may come to those who seek it, and that we live in a network of other souls often seeking that same peace. Life on Earth is hard, but fortunately there is hope by faithfully doing what one can to ease the suffering. And while sometimes it seems as if things might never get better, sometimes kindness comes along to snatch us out of the fiery pits we may find ourselves occupying. I find that orienting my heart to love no matter what goes on in my head really helps. So I meditate and pray with regularity, and sweet Jesus sends me the love to heal. I accept that life is a struggle, but I am only just now accepting that I do not have to pick at my brain scabs all the time, and I’m learning to trust the Higher Power.

I hope that this does help anyone, and I do pray for freedom from suffering for all of us on this challenging planet. Please remember to be sweet, y’all, and smile when you can.

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“Depart from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.” Psalms 34

Sweet Potatoes

Very rarely do I contribute to anybody else’s meals that they are cooking, but this year, for Thanksgiving, I made two sweet potato souffles. My husband’s family, and my family, of our birth origins were the lucky recipients.

It was a hit, both places! I did a rather laborious, jam-up job on these two souffles, on Thursday and Friday mornings. Thank you very much for bearing with me as I describe this here in this vainglorious post. I roasted those puppies, and whipped them up, with my husband’s help, because he is the chef with the hand-mixer. He’s actually our house cook, because I’m too lazy and tired to cook for our home. on work nights. He really is my cooking hero, but please don’t tell my mother that.

This was the primary problem of this endeavor, however, and that is: How does one spell “souffle” and what is the singular spelling of “Potato?” Rock on, Alexa, for helping me out with this one. I generally forget that I can ask her my simple questions, and she generally does know the answer, except for when I’m being ludicrous.

Now, we whipped up a whole bunch of them sweet potatoes, and I’m stuck with my own leftovers, acquiring bits of turkey from the Mama chefs of my mother and sisters-in-law. Everybody loved my souffles, but I still ended up with most of the leftovers because everyone had better stuff of their own to keep. My husband and I cannot even think of finishing all of these sweet potato leftovers for a little while, so I’ve got to work this one out somehow. Next thing you know, we’re going to have fried-up sweet potato pancakes or something, but that will be in a day or two.

If you want to know the truth, I am so proud of these sweet potatoes, and my subsequent examplary spelling that I can only be thankful and glad. I hope that everybody else enjoyed the holiday, and I did wear my mask when I was not eating. We did not exceed the allotted number of guests at either home, but we did have too many sweet potatoes, for sure. But boy, were they tasty, if I may say so.

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Necessary Ablutions

For the holiday, my doggie just got a bath. She is so good now about this, and very patient with me. I really admire her for this.

Moving forward, I feel as if my day ought to be blessed for taking such good care. You know, it is the little things in life that get us through.

While I’m about to go get a haircut, my new skill of cutting my husband’s hair should bring about some savings to compensate for my indulgence. I think I’m going to get my hair cut short enough that I won’t have to go back in a while. Not that I don’t like my stylist, just have personal self-esteem issues. How do fashion models and movie stars make it through the day?

They just probably do their job, like everybody else. For all of us working for a living, there are thankfully holidays, and I wish everyone the best on this one coming up. I’ve narrowly avoided family disaster, but there shall be rescheduling and understanding, with safety coming first. I’ll be wearing my butterfly mask when I’m not eating, and will have a very clean dog.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Carafe and Chew Stick

Guess what! I completely smashed my coffeemaker’s carafe accidentally, and boy, did I feel disappointed. My husband swiftly ordered me a new one, just the carafe, and we did not have to buy a whole new coffee maker, thank goodness. Needless to say, like Grover at the end of The Monster at the End of This Book, “I am so emabarrassed.”

My little doggie, though, is a champion, and we have supplied her a new chew toy that looks like a stick from a tree. She totes that thing around, forgets where she leaves it, and then remembers and goes to fetch it to chew some more. I like to think the stick shape of it reminds her of her time in the forest, when she was all alone in danger of getting caught up by a hungry hawk. My dog is my hero for putting up a good fight, but getting rescued nonetheless. She is like her mommy that way.

Today I have realized some important lessons. These are all about things lost and found, broken and replaced. Life is an unpredictable adventure, and this is why we find faith. I’ve been really sick in the past, but I got better, and kept on trucking. Maybe this is the meaning of life, you know, to keep on truckin’.

Happy Sunday, amigos. Sorry for so many posts today, but I had one in the backlog, and felt like reblogging a good one I had found, thinking that I would be too lazy to contribute to the Universe of Stories today. Having mastered gentle caffeine and persistence, though, now I can do some work. Thank you for helping me, dear readers!

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Do you all get caught up in ideas and cannot let them go? I used to more frequently than I do now, what with having been schizophrenic and stuff. Praise the Lord I’m growing out of this, but a good delusion every once in a while is encouraging for one’s creativity. It’s all okay when it’s not a living nightmare from which one cannot wake up. I’m not making light of the situation, but rather lemonade out of lemons. My mental illness transformed me, and I know there are others who have lived this, so I’m sharing my soul with hope.

Knowing that I have a tendency to ruminate, I try to actively direct my thinking to innocuous things, and to concentrate solely on peace and love, puppies and kitties, and word definitions, because I’ve lost my working memory of smarts after all of the brain strain of mental illness, coping, recovering, crying, and just not thinking. Mainly I go to my job and wear a mask.

Actually, my new mindset of promoting peace exclusively has made my days brighter, and my affect more tolerable. I also take my medicine. I go to my job so I can get the medicine, so I can go to my job. I know, it’s a beautiful circle of life.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear universe. I really hope that extra-terrestrial space aliens are the ones reading my blog, but for all of the Earthlings tuning in, thank you kindly for reading.

Revelation 3:20


I will eat with you
And you will eat with me
A banquet of such treasure
Words of such beauty

I will eat with you
And you will eat with me
Bread that has been broken
We share in His body

I will eat with you
And you will eat with me
A body shared together
One of community

I will eat with you
And you will eat with me
One of transformation
Of heaven now to be

I will eat with you
And you will eat with me
Binding in One love
For all eternity

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Some Positivity

Sorry that yesterday I wasn’t altogether hopeful, and was doubtful about the future of life on our beautiful, strong, resilient Earth! I get so worried about the state of our world, and my abilities as a human that I forget our Wondrous Maker who made us so smart and humanly powerful that we can choose to believe in our Lord! And that in His gracious goodness, He might forgive us and bless us and restore us to be God’s Creatures, and those of Love, no less!

I do not understand fully the great mystery of life, but I do know that now I profess to believe in it, that we can heal and get better and change when necessary. How blessed are we that not only have we been given life, but we’ve been given life with choices, as we get to decide how our life might progress, and how we might come to trust that our God loves us and has given us this Life.

Because I wanted to die for so long, and because I did not think that I was good enough, it’s hard for me sometimes to understand Hope and Faith, and to act it out properly. I really need to learn to accept that our Magnificent God will guide us through all of the hard times, and that he did send His Son to heal us. For Real!

God gave us books for a reason, one being an especially fabulous collection of writings and stories that gives us food for thought, for our very souls. I’m so thankful that in the worst of times, I can read the Bible and find encouragement. Because, dear friends, I get so scared.

The Good Lord most likely would pat my head and smile at me, so I just need to accept this Blessed Assurance and smile more my own self. Yep. There is Hope for the days ahead. I believe in this with all of the Faith my heart can muster, and I believe with a heart full of Love for my friends and my Blue Meanie enemies, like the Beatles told me about.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 KJV


Because this blog is about being well, I guess I have to tell you about how yesterday I was not quite well, but much less dramatically so than in other times of my #schizoaffective past.

Lo, I forgot to take my medicine in the morning, that being my antidepressant, thyroid medicine, cholesterol medicine, and my incredibly dangerous? yet plentifully effective very low-dose anxiolytic medicine. I thought that I was in for a horrible day, but I just swallowed my pride (instead of pills) and decided to just be sweet all day, no matter what. It worked, but I wanted to cry at the end of it.

My humanity became what was in question as I realized that I absolutely require chemicals daily, aside from food, to exist as a human being here on Planet Earth. Now, I love Planet Earth, so I do worry about all of these unusual lab-created chemicals infiltrating our precious planet. Like, y’all should look up and read about the medicines being present in the natural world, because of what we humanly process. Prozac in the fishies and stuff like that.

Not being absolutely natural myself, I wonder about all of the animals affected by what I metabolize in good faith, but with skepticism because of that elusive “natural” quality of life on Earth. I did try to quit the #PsychMeds in the past, and found that to be impossible, and did resume my practice of regular medication, so as to continue to be a well-functioning human being.

As I sit here trying to put into words my concerns about what is natural and what is not, my dog has once again saved the day. Because it is obviously night-time, she has crawled under her fleecey blanket and is snoring, natural day being over. She could care less what I’m doing, and is concentrating on the sleeping, for the natural conclusion of a day. Without my meds, I can no longer sleep naturally, so twenty-plus years in tells me I’m stuck on this path now, naturally, and that I, too, should go to sleep, but take my meds first.

And all I can do is hope for a new medicine, a vaccine, to make things normal here again. What does it all mean, or more importantly, does it even mean anything? All I know is that I try to be good and well-behaved, and that really is the best I can do personally. But I can pray and trust that the good Lord is not chemically altered, and that the food I eat has some semblance of nutrition, as I regularly water my houseplants who get sunlight, with occasional feritilizer.

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