Poor Vision

Well, I tried to get a better picture of my dog on here, but I’m a clutz with my old laptop and camera using, file making, sharing, seeing even, poor vision, poor lighting, crunkety problem having self. You get what you get.

Am charging my fitness device, though, so at least I’ll be able to track my increased heart rate and anxiety-wrought lifestyle. My dog is still the chief of my heart, except for my cat and husband. I love them all the same and equivalently. Actually, my husband does win after all. He has the best glasses.

Do you all know how it feels when you shell out your life’s blood on some freaking spectacles and you pray that they work, and you imagine that they do, but truth be told you’re still running around can’t half see. I think that this may really just be my fate, and it was because of my professed love of drawing and painting without much skill.

Skill! Brothers and sisters, I think that my skill set is picking off sticker labels and trimming my nails. I don’t even paint my own fingernails very well!

My husband did help me put a new sticker on my car, and it does not obstruct my driving and actually looks okay. Teamwork makes the dream work. I hope that you all enjoy my new image on here, and maybe it looks like my dog. Take care! Be blessed! Trust in the Lord with all thy heart, and keep on trying, because there has got to be some meaning to all of this challenging life endeavor, and maybe it is just to endure with a smile on your face.

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Little Dog

My little dog is the first dog that I have ever shared life with, but I do know that my life shall never be dog-free again. Granted, I always had wanted a big dog, but this little varmint has shown me that my human/dog relationships should only be with little dogs, because they are a handful and a big dog mught really just take me out. I don’t have the most convincing voice for commands and discipline, so my dog is really almost always getting to do whatever she wants. I know, poor parenting, but this is one of the reasons whay I do not have human children, despite my love for kids!

It’s all good, because our good Lord made dogs and cats and filled our hearts and their hearts with love. Isn’t it cool that our Eathly companions are furry and cute?

My health has definitely begun to improve since we brought our little dog into our lives. My psychotic and neurotic tendencies have eased up consderably when I have my mind on my little dog. It’s easier to love when I have such an excellent mentor. Yup, she’s the parent in some regards, as I am Mommy to her. The world makes so much more sense to me now, with a dog and a cat of my very own. It’s actually kind of lovely.

Our pastor has been talking about love this month, and how it is the main part of our Christian journey. Of course we all know this about life and faith, but it is also so important to live it out. I honestly do try to keep this on my mind, and I’m finding that loving myself so much helps me to love my neighbors. My little dog might have been the one who really made this real, because her behavior is not always the best, her being a domesticated animal and all, but we operate with grace and peace and love to get through our days together.

Our cat just shakes her head.

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Strange Days

I was minding my own business earlier, and so I decided to look at Twitter, just for fun, and there was some of that crazy business! I thought that I had it filtered fairly well, and I do have an okay feed, but it did get me thinking about the state of the world at large.

This is what I do not understand, and that is why does everyone think that they know everything? I run into this at work, too, as I’m sure we all do, but it is most disconcerting to witness most strangers acting like they know much more than what they most likely do not know at all. Now, don’t get me wrong, as I do believe that there are a lot of really nice, smart people doing the best that they can to keep us all safe. What to me is crazy is that we actually have to say things like, “We’re just trying to keep everybody healthy,” and yet there are those that are seemingly unaware of the conditions of life currently.

My husband and dog and I, and our outdoor cat who lives the good free life, do have a remedy for the current madness of humanity, however. We have started calling our home, “Cussin’ House,” and we cuss as much as we like to get us through each agonizing day. It helps. Y’all could try it, too, unless you hate cussin’ and some peoople very seriously do. I’m down with it, though, even though I try to keep it polite usually. I’m thinking that if we all adopt the filters of respectful cussing parameters, the world might become a better place. And everybody could get some fashion masks., too, for safety.

For trivia, I think that I read somewhere that good ol’ Martin Luther himself was a big cusser. And I am talking about the Protestant Reformer, not MLK, who is also a great man of much influence. Lots of good people cuss. It’s what gets us through the day. You’ll have to check me on this Martin Luther business, though, because I freely admit that I do not know everything. Don’t we all tacitly understand that about our fellow humans, and have schools and degrees devoted to reputable learning?

These, my friends, are strange days, indeed. Please be safe. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and stay home if you can, yet be safe at your jobs. If you’re really feeling ambitious, please read a book. Take it easy, ***********!

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Impossible Friends

Maybe this has never happened to anyone else, but I ended up at a point in my life when I realized that I just had to walk away. My friends were impossible, even though there had been so much love to begin. It was nonsense breaking my own heart over and over again, so the exits. Not too swift in most cases, but sometimes things are pretty much over and done.

Now that I’m so much older and praising the Lord that I’m no longer in my twenties, I appreciate home and family like never before. Here is where my friends are truly, and it is work even here to keep relationships thriving. My dog and cat, though, these are my best buddies. They do not really participate with social media, and they are furry and cute. Perhaps this is the path of the future, having a family of four-legged friends.

My impossible friends taught me that morality is a good thing, and that drinking too much is not really. They led me to my relationship with the Lord Jesus, when I was alone on weekends, wishing I could go out and play in order to further ruin my life. Thankfully my faith has increased and matured over the years, especially by reading more books about wellness, and how we are all in this together.

I miss my old friends, but it had been time to move on, and new friends came into my life, just in different ways. Being out of school is a blessing, even though my goal is lifelong learning, as an independent student. I’m so glad that life is about changes and growing is the purpose. We are like lovely plants and little cute animals. Speaking of which, my little dog knows that I have cheese and will not leave me alone. My husband is taking a nap. I think that this is the meaning of life: to find quiet peace.

Be safe everyone, and please wear a mask. Don’t let your dog steal your cheese, but if you do, only very small bites.

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Valentine’s Day

Do you all remember being in elementary school and making Valentines for your classmates? I do, as it was one of my favorite activities of the school year. And if you got some candy at school- DeLuxe!

This year my husband and I celebrated by trying a new local restaurant’s takeout, and the best part of it all was that I did not have to clean the kitchen. It was a greand tea day, as well, as I sampled most of my available sachets of pure delight. I love tea so much.

I always forget about my matcha tea with my bowl and my bamboo whisk, but today, I was my own Valentine and I made myself a bowl of good old green tea. It was a delight, and right now I’m thinking of having some filtered water to conclude my day. My plan is to get to sleep, and start the week tomorrow morning extra early. I always make plans like this, but hit the snooze button until I can no more.

Maybe, just maybe, this might be the week that I learn to be ready ahead of time, fit in my daily exercise before I’m dog tired, and maybe I’ll write the great American novel in my sleep, and “They” decide to make a blockbuster movie out of it, and I end up so rich that I don’t have to go to a job any more.

What is so sad, is that realistically, I’m just going to keep working for my health insurance until they tell me I can’t anymore. This is life, and it is sublime!

More importantly, I hope that I might learn how to pray and do chores and one day make some art to make me happy. To hold a paintbrush would be my dream come true, especially if I figured out how to make something pretty to cheer up a friend. Like a Valentine, or something, but tomorrow the pressure is off, and we’re in days of ordinary time until Wednesday, of course.

In any case, please, all of you reading, please be well and be safe, be happy and be loved. Life is a blessing, and pets are the best! Love you all, and thank you for reading today.

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Cat Network

After an unquestioningly awful day at work yesterday, mainly due to my own illness and ill feelings, I was amazingly resurrected by a network of unrelated cats, who assured me that life is yet still good.

The first cat was walking across a relatively busy street that I travel on the way home, and I was able to slow down and obscure traffic as he or she crossed the road at a brisk pace, but not with any tragedy, thank goodness. I felt blessed to have been instrumental in getting that cat across the road, and my day started to improve, as it was doing so anyway because I was off work!

Next there was a cat also on the way home, and it was obviously minding its own business as it walked along the side of the road where I make a turn, and lo! it jumped right down into a sewer grate, into magical worlds unknown. As I imagined what adventures this cat obviously must be finding, I kept driving on home, and there was yet a third cat right in my driveway at home. While I feared that this may be “Asshole Cat,” a neighborhood friend who eats my cat’s food right out of her dish, it was rather just another random cat, but perhaps they are all kin in a neighborhood network.

The great thing about all three of these cats was that they are independent and intelligent creatures that make the world a better place just by living at their own cat pace. To the mice and other rodents, I’m sorry, and to the dogs of our neighborhood I also apologize, but I do know that everyone likes the cats because they promote wellness and healthy well-being. I know I recovered from my nearly “sick day,” and was back in the game with a great story to tell my husband when I got home.

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Tic Tic

Being in love with my dog like I am, and my husband is, too, we so much love the sound of her little paws on the not-carpeted floors, and it is a melodious, “Tic, tic, tic, tic, tic.” We have many conversations about how sweet her little footsteps are, because we love her so much.

Now, don’t get me wrong, because that girl can be bad! She snuck out of the house as I left for work the other day, and ran up and down our street, pestered the bug man working outside, and just was a stubburn little cuss. That’s our girl. We were so proud of her and amused, but worried at the same time, even though we knew that she would be back home, because that’s how she does. We just worry that she might hurt herself one day, like get hit by a car or something, but thankfully the busy street is one street over, and that might be saving her precious little life.

I was going to give her a harness lesson, since we finally found one that she can’t escape out of, but then I got too busy and didn’t do it. At least now she won’t associate the harness with her willful disobedience and our subsequent chagrin, but unfortunately she’s missing out on leash-wearing practice. Currently her leash strategy is to stand absolutely still when her harness is on and leash- attached, but yet she could be going for walks with me. It would be so much fun!

All of this might be more pleasant were it not such a metaphor about how I live my life. I have trouble leaving the house for walks but love adventures. Maybe I should get some clicketty shoes, so I can be just like my “Terrible Terrier,” of the “SneakOut Breed.” That’s my girl! I do usually go to work every day like I’m supposed to, and sometimes have adventures, like trips to the grocery or drug store, but just imagine if I had a furry buddy with me in the car for the fun of living a life. She is the best little dog in the world. I’m just a paranoid schizoaffective girl who is coping, and finally happy. I know my dog likes living at our house, so I’ll do my part to keep us happy in it. And our cat is the adult who lives outside, not causing any trouble.

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Iced Tea Bliss

When I get to the end of a glass of iced tea, and the ice is melting a little bit, that is my very favorite beverage in the world. When I was a kid, this was fun because of the leftover sweetness, but now that I’m a grown-up, it is the extra cold flavor of unsweet tea that makes me so incredibly happy.

In my mind, tea is one of the greatest inventions of humanity, and I do betroth my love to thee, dear tea. Sorry, I could not resist the romantic interlude. But tea, honestly is my absolute favorite, even if I am somewhat of a neophyte in the ways of leaves and hot water, kettles and cups. I do feel as if this might just be a healthy and respectable hobby, this affection for tea. It’s much different than smoking and drinking alcohol. Because, after all, isn’t a glass of iced tea with the light shining through it one of the purest symbols of comfort on Earth?

The end of a glass of tea is even better with a bit of lemon left in the bottom of the glass, for added fulfillment. Iced tea will always remind me of home, and one of the finest treasures of my husband’s and my marriage is the glass pitcher left over from my mother-in-law, who now is in heaven.

How sweet life is can be found in a glass of tea in company, even if it is unsweetened because one fancies adulthood. Or, shall we say, maturity.

I’m sorry, I’m childish with my sound-alikes and rhymes, but that just is where it’s at for me, and always will be, for sure. Thanks for stopping by. I know it’s far too late for me to brew and steep a cup, but there’s some leftover tea from yesterday in that glass pitcher in the fridge. And what was I just saying about heaven? Stay blessed, dear friends, and keep well. Please enjoy the week ahead.

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Unfortunate Scratches

Today I’ve noticed some sketchy looking scratches on my inner wrist, that must have been the gift of my beloved pup. For all of my suicidal friends here that might be reading my blog, I just want to say, “What a relief!” It’s nice not to be suicidal so much any more, although I’m still pretty much mad at the world. Not always, though, that’s the change. It was a tough twenty or so years there for awhile.

Granted I did have faith the whole time, but I was just so miserable it was a pain to be alive. And I tried so hard! I really, really did. I think beginnning to write here at WordPress gave me some hope, though, and I didn’t really have to sell myself or my brand or my story just to get readers. Now, I do have a diagnosis, so anybody else #Schizoaffective, please know that you can get over it eventually, with the right set of circumstances. For me, it was some cats, a husband, correct meds, and mainly my dog. Y’all, a dog. That is what you need, if I may say so. These critters will in fact become your best friend, even when you feel like a loser.

It also helps to get older and not to really give a second thought to killing oneself anymore, and when you are older, you can just look disparagingly at the youth. That’s what they are here for, except for also the future and all of that good stuff. No, life is a blessed thing, and I am thankful for it, and those scratches on my arm are just a fleeting unfortunate reminder that I once thought that there was no hope, and nothing about myself redeemable. Now I’ve got this self-serving free blog along with a dog, and a Lord and Savior who loves me anyway, because He is Kind and He is Love. I’ll try to be as promising as He is, for a hope and a future.

Be blessed, dear readers, and never undersestimate the power of a dog, or a blog. Take care! Thanks for staying here with me.

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