Country Livin'

Ok, so I live and work in a fairly medium-sized city, but it is on the outskirts of country backwoods produce-stand farm land. My husband and his ex-girlfriend’s husband regularly go to the neighboring produce stands, especially when the summertime crops come in. Peaches, especially.

My husband’s ex-girlfriend’s (we’ve been married longer, yay) husband and another old friend of ours went to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, and lo and behold, we were approaced by a very nice gentleman who remembered the two old codgers that are my husband and his longstanding new friend who is his ex-girlfriend’s current husband.

This very kind gentleman recognized my husband and our friend, and just wanted to say hello and wish us well. He came into town for the restaurant, but how amazing is it that he remembered those two, and had the kindness to say hello, and to let us know what would be good to eat when they open up in the spring. We will surely buy produce and eat it, and may the Good Lord bless the Fields. I think this is traditionally how the produce market worked, and it just made me so happy to witness such a lovely exchange of cordiality this evening.

Let’s all figure out how to make our produce stands the regular food supply, and frequent the supermarkets just for our oatmeal and such. Lord, let’s just try to make sure everybody’s fed.

And everybody try to get those particular nutrients that will keep you as healthy as you need to be. Let’s eat fresh vegetables and fruits! God is great, God is good. Let us thank Him for this food! By His hands we all are fed: Bless us Lord, this daily Bread. Amen.

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Experimental Treatment?

As a babe in the woods, I just considered getting involved with a website devoted to experimental treatments, you know, studies to help those of us who share a disease. Having read the information to sign on, and the legal ramifications of such participation with this enigmatic website, I started to chicken out for the most ridiculous of reasons.

While I wholeheartedly want to contribute to getting said disease, the MonSter, MS, cured, I found myself to be much more afraid of how this mystery website could mess up my email or my devices, rather than how I might get messed up biologically. I know, muy estupido, and I wouldn’t even have to commit to any study without informed consent, but still, Y’all want to screw with my laptop or my, gasp!, cellular phone?

Of course I was introduced to this website by Facebook, and that in and of itself is perhaps too sketchy for rational use (someone set me free!), and I just feel annoyed by all of this, particularly my lack of courage. So yes, I will set myself to the project of getting my MS under control, and maybe this might be an interesting path for my own personal healing, but I might just ask around at the hospital in the future to participate in any study to find a cure.

But please don’t mess up my electronics, scary science world. Thank you for listening, as I shout out to the world on this blog that very few actually read, thankfully. 🙂

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Coffee time!

It is well into the day, but only just now am I having coffee. I forget sometimes how wonderful this stuff is. Have been working on not overly drinking coffee, so this cup right now is kindly hitting the spot.

In order to shake it up and keep it real, I started my day with some “English Breakfast” tea and that was really quite nice before church. And church was incredibly the best, with the worship music at the beginning really bringing it together. I really like our format at my Non-denominational church, where we start out with some really great music and then have an insightful sermon by our awesome pastors. You know it’s going to be good when there are electric guitars and a drum set. My husband, I thought, would love this because of our mutual love of rock and roll, but he really is not right on with the “Christian rock,” at least not now. It’s too crowded there for him anyway, but my youngish nieces are my good church mates.

Isn’t it funny how church is so personal and public at the same time? It’s a wonder when it works. I pray for everybody drawn to worship this day, and wish us all the best. I hope that we all get coffee on this fine day.

Christian rock is probably a stupid expression, but I don’t know what else to call it. I’m sure there are a million reasons why I should think of something else to call it. I used to think it was lame, too, back before I had the Awakening that changed my life and I became faithful in a grown-up way. My husband might be my missions trip, and I guess he is. He’s certified, though, already. That’s what’s so cool about religion, that it is really just the individual looking up, or carefully at a book, and there are songs, and we can all believe that our God is Smiling and Holding our Hearts.

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Yesterday was a good day, and today I received my valentine gift of a Fitbit. I really hope that it makes a difference in my fitness. The only problem with this magical gift was its delivery. Yes, I had to wrestle with the mailbox to get the box that it was delivered in out of the mailbox. I did hurt my finger, but would not give up, or ask for help. It took a minute, but I did get it.

My dog is an especial valentine as well, as she’s been obliging my valentine kisses, and my husband is a good sport, too. I absolutely love this holiday, because it’s just so sweet, and valentines are the best. I didn’t get my husband a valentine, because he thinks that’s a little stupid. Oh well. Maybe he might change his mind if I find a sticker or something. No, he wouldn’t really care about that. Still pretty stupid, I think. He did order me a Fitbit, though, because he is that good at heart, and mindful of the more dastardly holidays. Really, Valentine’s Day is for suckers, and for aggressive mail deliverers. Post people? Mailbox professionals who get the job done. I love our post person for ensuring the joy of this particular holiday, despite my now broken nail.

My baby fitbit is 94% charged. This is going to change my life. I will become so fit and able. And will track stuff like a crazy person. Woot! (They should make a Probiotic bacteria tracker, then I’d be set.)

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Dinner Tonight

While I’m not that excellent of a cook, I sure can eat some good food at local restaurants. Tonight I ate hamburger steak with mushrooms and onions, mashed potatoes, and collard greens. There was also a delicious roll!

What made the dinner so excellent undoubtedly was the company of my husband and his immediate charisma with the restaurant owner, who gave us both hugs for eating there. While I really wanted a lemon bar for dessert, I was strong and we made it home without too much that wasn’t good for us.

We had a little bit of hamburger leftover to give to our dog, and now she’s fast asleep under her blanket, probably irritated that her Mommy won’t go to bed. I think that there are supposed to be rain storms tomorrow, so I hope I can figure out how to wear my rainboots. This is what makes life worth living, a husband, a dog, a dinner, a cat, family and friends. I love you, Laptop of my dreams, and my immediate world of complacency created by this “blog,” that is only supposed to make readers smile.

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Green Tea and a Nap

Today I had the most fabulous nap! I had gotten up early for a shopping trip with the hubs, and by the time 1:00 pm rolled around, I was committed to a nap. How refreshing! Now I counteract the nap with just a little caffeine in a nice warm cup of green tea.

I know, living the super extravagant lifestyle, but really, this is actually the best that I can do. Working on laundry, reading, praising the Lord- that about is my day. Am fixing to eat some leftover green pea soup that should be yummy and happy.

Please forgive me world, but I just want everybody to be happy, so I smile a lot. Now I know I look sometimes like somewhat of an idiot, or better yet, a simpeton, but at least you and I know that this is all about the choice I’ve made to be happy. I only get one chance at this life, so perhaps I should just be kind and enjoy what the Universe has to offer. I get really mad at the world about unfair politics and unjust oppression of any person or animal or especially plant, but this does really get me so down sometimes that I’m forced to just shake it off.

What I can do essentially is the best that I can, and this is it. God willing, let’s start the new week out happy and not upset, because that way leads to madness and strife. My husband just brought back some muffins to accompany the soup. Man, life doesn’t get much better. The secret: Chill out and #besweet. Maybe we can all become peace-lovin’ hippies that are nice to each other.

#Kind #True #Faithful #Joyful #Thankful. May you all be #Blessed

A Saga

Today I must confess that, although I’m not really a “Gamer,” I do have video game forays into the world of lovely soundtracks. I cannot help but play “Pet Rescue Saga” even though I have had somewhat of a recovery and separation from the game lasting many years. Once I discovered it again, though, I was hooked. I love to rescue pets! They are so cute, and it does make me feel as if I’m accomplishing something when I clear levels.

The soundtrack drives my husband crazy, though, so I can only play when he is doing something else. Monitoring his exposure to the music helps me to handle my Pet Rescue Saga habit, and all is right in the land. Pets get rescued.

Today was a sleep a lot day, but some laundry got done, at least to begin the week. All is right in my personal world, and I wish everybody else the best in creating a pleasant atmosphere in which to thrive. Although I did skip church, there was some devotional reading. In fact, now that I’ve revisited the Saga and shared it with this particular universe of right here, right now, I feel as if I can read some more and conclude my day.

Thank you all for reading. #Rescue #Pets #HaveFaith