Emotional Dog

My dog is so emotional that she gets moved to the most adorable tears quite frequently. I know with certainty that she is crying because she loves my husband and me so much, and also the food that we give her. Her time spent as lost in the forest apparently took a toll on her, and she is thankful to have people of her very own now.

I’m pretty sure that she may have been abandoned in the forest because of her incessant barking. Because she is a little dog, you might not think that her barking could be as annoying as it is. I pray that she does not drive my husband absolutely batty, and I have considered revoking her window priviliges for this reason. Not! Like I could even do that. I wish that she would get further domesticated and learn some good leash skills so that we could go on walks together, but her emotionalism is so intense that I’m way too delicate with her precious spirit.

I must admit that I was a hard-core catperson until we rescued this adorable little dog. Seriously, I was only team cat. Now, my heart is beholden to both my dog and my cat (and more importantly to my husband.) Now I’m Team Human, Team Dog and Team Cat. I would be Team Oppossum if one would let me befriend it. Most likely, it is that I’m just of Team Life and Team Love. I wish that I were better at keeping plants healthy (I’m clearly a B- student), but I do fairly well at keeping them around for an acceptable amount of time, and if I lose them, I give them back to the Earth. My alliances are with Team Jesus and therefore Team Love, and this places me on Team Faith in the Future. Yup, I have hope for tomorrow as well as today. I know that there are annoying people on my Team, but I trust that we’ll make it through together. The cats and dogs and space travel hopefully will make it so, with a steady diet of vegetables.

Thank you for reading this. In the future, hopefully there will be more interesting posts.

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These Days

While it appears that everything is so bad that it will never get good again, I do feel hope for the future, even if it does involve perpetually disinfecting books. All I can think about lately is germs, and every nanoparticle of superfluous RNA gives me the creeps. Yes, my friends, all of this is giving me the creeps in a big, extra-handwashing way. Perhaps this will keep me alive, or maybe it will be my penchant for self-isolation that has served me so poorly in the past that will do the trick.

Champion of mental-health that I’m not, this is making me feel so very sympathetic for my fellow mentally ill, yet doing okay, friends. I mean, we are going to be so disinfected that it will keep our mental illness in the gene-pool, and I will have so much more respect for my OCD amigos, who must have sensed this inherent danger within humanity that has been lurking there all along: germs, cooties, icky stuff. My mother must have been waiting for this day, as she sends me text messages that say “Sanitize!” so frequently now. Ain’t it the truth. Did we not all know that we should wash our hands just like how our mothers told us?

I know, this really isn’t funny, and I apologize for making light of such a serious predicament that we are all in together. What scares me the most is what I may be tracking in on my shoes, or, worse, in my very breath or sneeze. This is so overwhelmingly frightful that I hope you’ve read my previous posts about my faith.

My faith brought me out of extreme mental illness, and so I will pray much more now, for all of us. While I cannot name every soul, I can look kindly at all humanity and wish us well. It was precisely the end of the world that had freaked me out so completely in the past, that now, as it appears to be happening, I’m strangely at ease because of my Lord and Savior, who I believe can rescue us, and will do so on a case-by-case basis, undoubtedly. I trust that all of this is changing hearts, and know that it has reformed mine, to remember to be kind and compassionate at all times, with all other humans. We are the Human Race, and I pray that we survive, alltogether now.

For days such as this, we ought ot seek our Higher Power, or whoever it is that provides the Lysol. Whoever it is that provides the concern and care, and most of all the peace and love and hope.

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Boiling Water

In my domestic not-very-skilled expertise, I decided to boil up some potatoes and green beans together, with a little chicken bouillon. Hopefully this will taste okay. I figure everything’s better when you boil up some water for a little bit.

Will proceed to get out the teakettle and boil a little more water, to make some tea. Yes, my life is quite mundane, but that’s just the way I like it. I hope that all of us learn to take pleasure in the simple and ordinary, and to cherish every slow-moving conversation. Thankfully all of this world-wide anxiety is really making me want to sit quietly and read a book.

Let’s all be thankful for our power and electricity, clean water, and domestic bliss. I do recognize that these things are not guaranteed, and I’m so thankful for what I’ve got at this moment. Every little bit of my life with my husband, my dog, and my cat is a blessing from above.

Having suffered depression for twenty-plus years, this moment of clarity is no trivial thing, and I do recognize that I hope for the best for everyone. I will continue to pray as we get through all of this, and will absolutely trust that I’m not the only one doing so. While the whole world is quite big, my little heart beats in steady rhythm that says, “I believe.” I trust that we will get through this, and that we will learn to love appropriately, with clean hands all around, scrubbed with soap for twenty seconds.

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Shorter Workday

Dear friends, on this shorter workday, I hope to provide inspiration for all of us weathering this storm together. You know, this storm called life. While things may appear to be terrible right now, and they are, the outstanding feats of compassion that I’m witnessing gives me such hope for the soul of humanity. Maybe we needed a little jolt to remind us to stay clean and cherish our days that we are well, and to choose wisely our expenditures of energy.

I put gas in my car all by myself yesterday (I had been spoiled by my husband, who is too cool for words), and I ate a yummy dinner with my extended family. We did not stay long, and our company was somewhat limited in scope (a party of 7 souls) and we ate good food together, after having washed our hands, as one ought to do. I didn’t even really have to worry about giving anybody hugs, because that is so not the behavior right now. One thing that I hate about living in the South are the hugs! I’m not touchy-feely, but maybe after all of this passes I’ll be more generous with my affections, and a more smart hugger, donning a rainjacket or something before embracing.

My workplace has had more limited personnel (not open to the public) and we have been getting some much needed work done on our short shifts. The latex gloves have been tough on my skin, but I think I found the right treatment to keep my hands okay. I sort of have much older hands now, which serves me right, because I’m getting older, too. I pray on my travels to and from the workplace, and just pray more in general, for the health and well-being of our community. The whole concept of community is precious to me now in a new way.

My dog was sitting on the edge of my bed, and we sat still, looking into each others eyes, for a good several-minute span (not kidding) and I became thankful again for the way of love and peace.

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Why I Believe

It is for days such as these. Uncertainty makes me anxious, and finding hope in a book really helps.

I hate to ever feel suffering or misery, but my faith in Jesus Christ allows me to trust that we are all not alone, and when I see the divine in You, neighbor, it gives me hope for all of us. I believe that our Creator loves us, and that is why I believe. I trust God. Amen.

Monday Morning

Tomorrow will be a return back to work, and it will be like all of my other adventures during this time, fraught with anxiety and obsessive hand washing. Fortunately all of this strange existence of late is making me #pray much more, and much more urgently for all of us. I wish only good health for those that I see each day.

Aside from the global terror, things have been going pretty nicely, maybe this is because of all the prayer? I’m learning to pray more precisely and carefully whenever I see emergency vehicles, and hopefully this is a habit that won’t be neglected in the future, along with the hand washing.

While the combination of latex gloves and over-the-top handwashing have dried out the skin on my hands, I have had a dollar-store coup! I bought this hand lotion that came in pretty tubes (Yes, two for one dollar!) and both lotions have the prettiest scents. The tube is even small enough to put in my purse that is not gigantic, and it’s not something that will leak. My baby tubes even look like tubes of paint, so I’m even further comforted by them. I don’t even feel guilty for having found them at the dollar tree, because there were other sets of lotion tubes, so hopefully no one will mind that I had found them for myself.

This is why I can’t understand the current toilet paper selfishness, and I’m trusting in a future where there is tp for each and every one of us. My dear friend even bought me a pack because she had seen some and thought of me. Yes, I do inspire such thinking, apparently; it makes a girl feel loved.

So the high end glamorous lifestyle of the few that live it is just weird to me, but then I realize how grand I must be with my lotion tubes and having enough toilet paper. We are all so grand, aren’t we, all of us who live on God’s beautiful Earth, so I pray that we might keep it lovely and green, with all of our nature friends happy. It is time to wake up, and to care, and to do our best to keep everyone comfortable.

Also, today my nature friend who is my doggie, got a little mad when my husband and I left her after coming home from a long day spent elsewhere, and she sgave me a nip on the leg that was actually a really painful, very sharp canine teeth admonishment for neglecting her, the baby. My cat would never do such a thing, I’m just saying to you, dogs vs. cats folks.

In any case, I hope that we do learn now about community, and love therein, and keeping everyone safe, as much as our own selves. This might be my cure for mental illness, as much as caring for my husband and carefully taking my meds, despite the fat belly and lost years of brain health. What does matter, is that we are all pleased to be here, and glad to spend our days together, as precious as they are, and we are, too.

#Peace #Hope #Faith #Love #Doggie


Dear friends, With all of what is going on, I just wanted hopefully to allay some of our fears with a little scripture that came to my heart this morning. I have hope about all of this, and trust that our Lord will see us through. Also, please forgive my indulging in foul language recently, but the freakout gets me talking like that, and really that is the language of mental illness at times, for some of us. I know we are all being tolerant and kind, so thank you for liking my recent post that had the f word in it.

That being said, back to the scripture remembrance that I hope may speak to some of you reading. It has really helped me out through the years, and particularly with overcoming the delusional thinking of my personal mental illness of #schizoaffective disorder. Here come the scripture from the Old Testament, or as many say, The Bible.

“5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 In all your ways submit to Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6

These verses help me to remember to get out of my panic and anxiety, and to share my ideas with others, who can help me to rationalize and see flaws in logic, or reasoning, or stinkin’ thinkin’.

While I am not one of those folks who can literally hear the voice of God, I can read my Bible to hear the voices of the faithful prophets and disciples who cherish our Lord and share wisdom with all humanity in a spirit of love. I pray that these challenging times will teach us to “make our paths straight” with His guidance always in Heart and Mind. This is my hope, and this is my appreciation for the learned scientists who are working to get us through all of this as safely as possible. Thank you helpers and carers, and thanks be to God who will see us through.

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